This is a photo-report of what happened in "Child of Daralet" Event when Bael'Zharon attacked
members of our allegiance. Even if the Shadow Warriors fought and died bravely several
times, Ilservian Palacost - The Bael'Zharon, a poor victim of the Great Master and his plots,
wasn't harmed at all by any of our fighters. The people that fought died up to 4 times and some
of us got dropped a few times over Fort Tethana high into the air by the Hopeslayer. Enjoy the
screenshots and look at the chat-screen-window for some comments by The Hopeslayer. The
Screenshots are in chronological order so you can see exactly every step of the battle if you look at all of
them. The Tethana-drops were pretty funny because the people at Tethana didn't realize at all what was happening.

Give the page some time to load the .jpg pictures. 25 screenshots in total. Look at them from left to right.

Shadow Warriors vs. The Bael'Zharon - Ilservian Palacost

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