he Shadow  Warriors are  honorable followers of the school of  Shagar
Zharala. The  school  was  founded  as the  instrument  of Malik Amul's
revenge for the blinding of the great prophet, ibn Salayyar.                       

The guild was founded in the Year 2000 by its  monarch  Schattenkind.
Our Monarch  is  one  of   the  most  popular & legendary characters in
Darktide's World of Dereth.

Schattenkind was among the first 50 humans who entered portal space,
following  the  Call of  Lord Asheron in November 1999. Schattenkind's
flawless  reputation  is a result  of his  ruthless  battles against all major
rpk-guilds in  the  years  1999-2001. Unlike  many others, Schattenkind
never got corrupted by the Hopeslayer and killed others for no reason.   

Once the Zharalim's reputation struck  righteous fear  into the hearts of
the weak and wicked. Now, since Master Hamud  ibn Rafik's  mind  got
finally  corrupted  by  the  Hopeslayer, Schattenkind  and   his  Shadow
Warriors continue the mission to protect our family from threats.              

In  order  to carry  our  society's  idea  of  strength,  trust  and  friendship
into  other  realms,  our wizards  opened in  November 2004 a  portal to
Warsong's World of Azeroth.

We, the Shadow Warriors, are the silent assassins of the Alliance.If you
think  that  your   personality  matches  our  high  standards, feel free to
contact one of our guild leaders or world officers.                                        


The first serverwide announcement on Darktide (Shadow event):


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