ur mission is to slay the enemies of the Shadow Warriors and to protect
our homeworld from evil threats that may be able to harm us.
The Shagar
Zharala has been always  very selective about its  followers. Therefor the
Shadow Warriors are not a home for the weak and wicked minds.               

Once  you've  entered  the  portal to our world, you've  made  your choice.
People without honor are not welcome.                                                             

You are bound by oaths sealed in blood not to reveal the secrets that you
 learn  about the  Shadow Warriors.
Chose  your followers and pupils care-
fully since  you will be responsible for all of  their actions. Our  Allegiance
 isn't a big one, but a very loyal and honorable society.                                   

Never   be  aggressive   versus   another   Shadow  Warrior.   You  will  be
 permanently  removed  from the  guild should  you ever violate this rule.  

Listen to the words of Master Schattenkind and his leaders. Respect their
 decisions. Oftentimes  things are much  more complicated than it seems.

Warsong rules (WoW):


Learn  to  play your class  to the best of  your ability and available time.   
             A good character will reflect well on our guild.

Appoint a leader who is trustworthy,try and make it a SW (this will help us
 build guild reputation as fair players).                                                             
Agree on  the ‘rules’ of the  group  (esp regards  looting) before you go in
Follow a  group  leaders instructions  and  rules, as long as they are con-
sistent and fair.                                                                                                  
Discuss tactics openly.                                                                                      
If you need to correct someone, or ‘suggest’ they change their tactics, do
it diplomatically and use a /w so you don’t embarrass them.                     
Share your buffs and free-resources  around readily (mages=water/food;
warlock =health   stones;   alchemists   could   offer   buff/ health/ mana
potions  at ‘low cost’; engineers with EZ-thro dynamite, etc).                      
Tell everyone how long you will be  online  if  joining  an  instance  group
 group (some instances can take 4 hours to complete and  its  bad  form
to leave half way through).                                                                               


Never Ninja. Ever. Not even as a payback. Never do it.                               
Always try to lead the party and master loot or ask leader to use master   
loot on bosses.                                                                                                  
If there is no master-looter, Don’t roll  on BoE (Bind on Equip) items un-   
less its fair for you to do so (eg if its an upgrade for you, or if everyone   
 agrees to roll on it). Obviously if everyone is  rolling "greed" on the item
the item you can too, subject to the 'one blue item' policy below.             
Need before greed always. If in doubt ask FFA?  (means Free For All?).   
Share resource nodes with party members. If you come across another    
 player obviously clearing a node for themselves don't try to claim it.       
By all means ask if they are clearing the node if you want to make sure.
If you come across another player obviously clearing a chest for them-     
selves don't try to claim it.                                                                                 
One blue  item per  instance (if you  win  one, pass on  the others).This     
 rule can vary from group to group. What is important is that the  looting   
 rules are stated and agreed on before the instance starts.                          


Refrain from getting into "spitting wars" with a horde member.                   
Time and situation permitting, honour fallen horde players with /salute    
Attempt to always assist a fellow alliance in trouble be it either a horde    
or a monster. Help out even if this puts your life in peril.                           

 • Don't Spam general chat (3 lines or more  on the current chat  window     
log). This one really annoys people  and  will  most likely  get  you put
 onto ignore which will greatly hinder you on the long run.                          
Use appropriate channels (Trade and LookingForGroup channels are    
are there to be used)                                                                                       
Avoid shouting (caps lock). This annoys a lot of people.                             
If   someone   from   another   guild ninjas  etc  from  you, refrain  from     
spamming Ironforge general chat in complaint. While you might have   
 valid  complaint  most  likely you  will  just  annoy  people and get  into   
"flame wars" with complete morons. By all  means  feel  free  to  post a   
 general  FYI  complaint   against the ninja but  save the  sob  story  for    
our boards (the Book of Grudges) and their guild master.                         



Profession  abilities free  of  charge  to  guild  members (see  the pro-     
 fession development thread).                                                                         
Teamwork: Help  SWs by  going  into instances (even those that  you      
like or has no value to you).                                                                            
Higher level members should donate their time to helping lower level     
members out in the field questing.                                                                
Every guild member has to be registered at the message board.              

Darktide rules (AC) :

Dual-Guilding is  not allowed! All chars of the recruit have to  become SW
followers! Exception: Pure  spy-characters  in enemy  allegiances of  long
 time SW.                                                                                                                  

A patron has  to  post  about  his  new vassal  recruit  on the internal board
in  order  to  find  out  if  someone  had  bad experiences  with  the  recruit!

Every new vassal has to be approved by the monarch.This means: Before
someone is allowed  to accept a new vassal he has to ask the Monarch for

Ex-rpks are not allowed in the allegiance.Characters that share an account
with an rpk-character are not allowed in the allegiance: see spy exceptions.

New followers have to register asap at the message board.                             
Violations of these recruiting rules mean instant  drop from  the allegiance.
These harsh rules are required to keep our high standards up!                       

 May the reborn Shagar Zharala shine all over this cursed world.